Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Look what I just bought

ebay is a trap.

But I really have wanted an electric bike for a while, so one day I put in a bid not expecting to win. But I did.
It's great. Even a fat old bloke can ride for a long way, limited only by how sore his bum gets.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Bowl for the Newly Weds

and another photo so you can see what it looks like when it's put together.

A Bowl for the Newly Weds

My darling wife has cousins, nieces and nephews just like the rest of us.

And they sometimes get married. Recently we were invited to a city far, far away for the wedding of one of her very lovely nieces. As it is to be in a city far, far away, I decided not to go, but offered to make something as a wedding present.

After much dithering and several false starts I acquired a lump of African mahogany (khaya senelganesis). Despite the foreign sounding name the tree from which it came grew right here in Darwin ( or close thereto).

The African mahogany is a naturalised Territorian. I have two very sturdy examples in my own backyard.

But despite being on terms of some familiarity with the tree I had not previously used it as for turning, although I had seem some examples of work by others, and knew it could produce very worthwhile results.

So here it is: a lidded bowl, approx 21cm diameter. the lid is formed to take dips, biscuits, cheese etc in two separate sections.

I made a somewhat similar bowl for aforementioned wife, in pine. I assume she did not dislike it too much, as she suggested the design for the wedding bowl.

So here it is: the wedding bowl, African mahogany, orange oil finish (hence the satiny finish), and note the colour of the timber. NO, I did not spill beetroot on the wood!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Clock setting - olive wood

Like most things in life woodturning is more fun when shared with someone else.

This clock setting, done in double harness with Tom while on holiday. His lathe, his wood (olive wood - beautiful stuff), but I claim the idea.

Not a bad result from a piece of wood languishing in a box of bts and pieces.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Lute - at last

Finally, I justify the name of the blog.

This is a lute.

Go on, look it up in your dictionary. It is, by definition, a lute. Sure it doesn't look much like the picture from medieval England of the King's lute-player, with a multi-stringed instument, with a weird bent-back peg-board.

It's more in the historical line of middle Eastern or even Chinese lutes, which pre-date the Pommie version by quite a few centuries.But I can't really claim it's that either, it's just a thing that grew out of the wood, like a wood-turned mushroom.

technically: 4 stringed, (bronze wire), strung to zither pins at both ends, sound chamber is a turned bowl of pinus radiata, rod is glue laminated jarrah/cypress pine.

It is non-fretted.

One night I was worrying about how to fix the fret-board, when a voice boomed out of the night sky, and said "Dooooon't fret!"

So I didn't.

But I'm thinking the voice may have misled me, because the lute would be more useful as a musical instrument if it was fretted, so I'm thinking about fitting a fret-board.

Or perhaps make another lute next year, fixing all the mistakes that I currently pass off as design features, and make that one a proper fretted lute.
We will see.

All the best from vsquared

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Rest in peace. Scott

An old mate died recently. Because one tends to feel pretty useless at times like that I offered to make an Urn for his ashes.
It ended in 3 urns, not one. The lower photo is the main one.
I'm not entirely happy about any of them, but I did my best.
New guinea rosewood, finished with Rustins plastic.
All three made from the one rather umipressive branch, so at least it was a good use of resources.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Bowls - not bad actually

Top picture - black wattle bowl - very simple but timber is beautiful Nice colour and grain, hey.
Pictures 2 and 3 - bowl - domesticus robusticus - also known as hard timber I found lying around at home.